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Back to School!

School is on the agenda for next week and children may well be feeling a mixing pot of emotions. While some children may be keen to get back to school life, there will be others who will need time to adjust and will need some support. Here's a few ways for easing that transition back into the classroom.

* Let your children know what is going to happen. By now schools will have sent out an action plan of how school will re-open and how things may be different. Talk these points through with your child, address any worries that they may have and re-assure them. This is also a good moment to re-iterate the 'new normal' rules to keep us all safe. Such as hand sanitising, not touching their hands and face, using tissues and covering up a cough.

* Try and be patient with your child's feelings. Some children may really struggle with strong emotions. Being cross or impatient won't resolve or reassure them.

* Plan a special day on the day before returning to school. A special tea, a trip to the park; something that brings you all together. Alternatively, plan something to look forward to after school on that first day

* On the first morning back, try and keep it as stress free as possible. 'Don't sweat the small stuff.'

Most of all, keep things positive. As a parent, try and keep any worries that you have at bay, so that children don't pick up on how your are feeling.

Here is a great BBC Teach video, which you may want to watch together.

Stay positive, stay strong and stay happy!

Mrs H

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