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Being Creative With Playdough!

I've been asked lots of questions about playdough in recent days and so I thought I'd share a few of our favourites. What I would say is, experiment with everything! I've had very few real disasters and you can generally salvage something that is not quite perfect. There is lots of fun in the trying and creating. It's also good for children to see that not everything works out but it was work having a go.

Lots of blackberries in the hedgerows right now and these are perfect for colouring and creating a textured, sensory playdough. We collected the berries and made this dough together; the highlights for my little ones being the mashing of the berries and seeing the dough change colour. Great for fine motor development; picking, mashing, mixing, kneading and that was all before we got to play with it. It also created lots of opportunities to talk and for understanding of the world.

Not only tastes delicious but it smells divine. Personally I wouldn't use this in the classroom unless every child had there own individual ball, but for home use it's perfect. A wonderful sensory experience this dough smells, feels and tastes amazing.

The smell of coconut always makes me think of summer and holidays. This playdough smells absolutely wonderful, an aromatic treat. Made with hair conditioner the dough is incredibly soft and very tactile. Great for creativity and for developing oracy skills and as always wonderful for improving fine motor skills. Why not give it a go!

A wonderful playdough which smells divine. The soothing aroma of the Lavender creates a relaxing, soothing, calming environment which helps to reduce stress and is said to improve mood. Of course let's not forget this wonderful activity is wonderful for creativity, as well as great for improving fine motor skills. Let the rolling, swishing, bending and kneeding commence!

Might be a rainy day, but let's all pretend it's summer. Messy mud playdough is perfect for practising planting, modelling, shaping, rolling and squeezing. A few flowers and some plastic pots and you're sorted.

This is a wonderful rich, sensory playdough which is great for tactile play, brilliant fun and creates an opportunity for talking. Additionally, push, poke, pull, stretch, cut and roll its just perfect for strengthening little hands and improving dexterity ready for writing and drawing etc.

This wonderful sensory play dough is perfect for this time of year. It smells absolutely divine, is perfect for strengthening little hands and wonderful for imaginative play. Wrap it up after play and this will last for about 5 days. This playdough is not edible.

Fantastic for any time of year, but especially Christmas time and as I've said, it smells divine, so makes for a wonderful sensory activity. You could also make it with cinnamon.

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