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Don't Rush the Writing!

I get a lot of parents ask me about writing; when children should be doing it? Are their children behind? How can I encourage them to write? Why are they not interested in writing? Some of these children are as young as 3 and I always feel a little sad that parents are worrying about writing at this very tender age.

Firstly, all children are different and everyone learns different things at different times. Some children are walking by one, others closer to two. Some will be riding a bike at four, whilst others will develop this skill at a later time. There is no right or wrong time, it's when it's developmentally right for them. Forcing young children to do something when they are not ready is frustrating for you and more importantly it will discourage children from trying when they are ready.

The most important way to encourage writing is to start at the beginning and start by developing the muscles in their little hands (fine motor development.) Developing their fine motor skills will enable them to eventually hold a pen, pencil or paint brush. It will also allow them in time to button a shirt, use a zip and eventually tie a shoelace. Start at the beginning, lay a good foundation, then you can confidently encourage your child to write and your child will confidently embrace the challenge of writing.

Here are a few of our favourite fine motor ideas, but remember, make it fun, take your time, enjoy the child you have in front of you!

Mrs H

Using Tweezers to move things

Playdough for kneading, rolling, stretching.

Pointillism - printing with a cotton bud.


Cutting Skills


Ideas using leaves - Fine Motor Skills

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