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Getting Ready for the Term Ahead

The half term break is nearly over and as we are about to start a new term, many are anxious about what that might bring. For me, I will be back in the classroom, eagerly awaiting the news that ALL children can return and we can all begin a 'new' normal. Not as it was, but at least we're all back together again. Until then, there are many of you who are still home learning so I thought I'd offer a few thoughts.

* Firstly, don't try and replicate school. Your home is your home, don't pressure yourself with worrying about curriculum and trying to fill the entire day with tasks and activities.

* Have confidence in yourself, you were your child's first teacher. No one is expecting you to take on the teacher role, just to support if and when you can. Get in touch with your class teacher or school if you need reassurance or advice about school work..

* You may decide that you need some structure to the day, plan it yourself. When is it best for you to give time? When does your child learn best? Involve your child/children in the planning if you can, as this can be empowering for them. However, you may decide that you don't want to plan things and you want every day to be different, there is no right or wrong. Do what's best for your family.

* Home learning is not just about maths and literacy. Craft activities, baking, gardening, exploring outdoors, talking, playing games are all just as important to a child. So take the time and enjoy the time you have together.

* Don't give in to peer pressure. Just because little Tommy's mum has posted online a very elaborate timetable of all the learning and topics that she is going to do - good for her. Do what's best for you, your child and everyone's mental health. That is all that is important.

* Be kind to yourself; remember your best is good enough. There will be good days and bad days. Accept the bad days and move on. If your day is becoming overwhelming, stressful and almost impossible, stop! The world will not end because you've not stuck to a plan, take a breather, get some fresh air, play a game, have another go or just leave things until the following day.

Remember things will not always be like this, the time will pass. We will hopefully get some sense of normality back into our lives very soon and the pressure that you may be feeling will lessen.

Take care

Mrs H

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