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Getting Ready to Start School

Getting little ones prepared for starting school can make the whole process easier for them and easier for you. Fear of the unknown can be unsettling but thinking about a few little points will help to make the move into 'big school' a little smoother.

Always be positive and enthusiastic about them starting school. Whatever fears or worries you have, keep them to yourself or your child will pick up on the negativity and wonder why you're worried. Talk about the teacher, use his/her name and talk about all the new fun activities they will do and all the new friends that they will make.

Here are a few other ways that you can support your child to make the transition easier. What I would say is , not all children are the same and some points on this list won't be achievable for all children as they won't all be ready yet. They're just a guide; there will always be an adult to support them with their clothes during PE and there will always be someone to open their crisps at lunch. This is just list of things that would help and be useful for all.

Exciting times ahead!

Mrs H


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