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Is there any such thing as lost learning?

In recent weeks much has been said about 'lost learning.' But really, is there any such thing? How can you lose something you have never had? How can you measure learning that has been lost?

The discussion around ' lost learning' is extremely unhelpful. It sparks anxiety in both children and parents, which consequently creates negative thoughts about school and the future. It is absolutely understandable that as parents, we should be concerned about the impact of the pandemic on our children. These concerns should not just be focussed on education, but also wellbeing and mental health. How are these areas going to be addressed if even more pressure is applied to 'close the perceived educational gap.' The wellbeing of children should be paramount so that they are happy in school, with a positive mindset.

If there is constant reference to what has been 'lost' and how 'disadvantaged' their future is going to be, we will create a generation of children who no longer believe in themselves.

As teachers, parents and carers, we must

support our children by focussing on the now. There is little point in dwelling on the past and speculating negatively on the future. As we always have, we need to keep on encouraging and supporting our children, steering them towards achieving their dreams. We need to give them hope and the belief that anything and everything is possible. No one is saying any of this is easy and achieving dreams takes effort. But without hope and positivity our children will stop dreaming.

So, forget the notion of 'lost learning,' let's focus on the now and how we can support their emotional and social needs. With those needs met, our children can surely achieve anything!

Stay positive and stay strong

Mrs H


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