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You've Got This!

A full half term in lock down and for everyone it’s been tough. Parents, teachers, children, everyone has had to change the way they work and operate and we’re all juggling things we never thought we’d have to do. But we made it; we did our very best and got to the end of term!

Not an easy journey and this lockdown has made me very aware that parents have felt under more pressure to keep their children on track and to do the work that has been set by schools. In primary that has been four hours a day of learning. If you have children of various ages, that is a huge responsibility and challenge. Parents working from home with young children who struggle to work independently, have found the juggling act between helping their little ones with their work and completing their own work near impossible. Those parents with slightly older children, who can work on their own, have said they have felt guilty for leaving their children on their own to complete their own work. But even parents who aren’t working have found it tough. Tantrums, frustration with work and technology issues have affected all.

But I want everyone to know, we are all feeling the same, but we are all getting there.

Everyday is closer to the end. No one is failing, everyone is doing the very best they can and that is good enough. Take a breath, take the pressure off yourself. The half term break has arrived and I hope that everyone will take the time to just ‘be.’ Go outside, enjoy the outdoors, take a break and enjoy the wonderful moments that you have with your children.

Don’t forget, you all deserve it!

Take care everyone

Mrs H

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